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Online casinos offer bonuses for various actions, from registration to normal deposits or just logging into a game account. The most common are the percentage deposit bonus given on the deposit and the free spins given on top of the deposit. It is also common for you to get free spins or free play money just for opening an account without depositing your own money. Everyone always likes to get online casinos bonuses, be it money or free spins. However, the casino wagering requirements are a very important thing to consider when starting to activate bonuses.

The wagering requirement practically means that you must bet a certain amount of money in the casino games before you are entitled to claim the winnings you earned with the bonus money. So this bonus wagering usually comes on the side of the bonus as a so-called mandatory condition. Mainly, the benefits offered by the online casino always require some kind of deposit to be realized. This is not the only condition included in the bonus, but usually there is also a wagering requirement attached to it. What exactly is wagering and why is such a requirement placed on the bonus? Read more about wagering requirements here.

What does the wagering requirement mean?

Almost every casino sets certain wagering requirements for the bonuses it offers, which must be met before the bonus money and the winnings obtained with it can be withdrawn. There are considerable differences in the bonuses, and before choosing a bonus, you should familiarize yourself with the bonus conditions carefully. For example, bonus wagering requirements, required minimum deposit, maximum bet and validity period clearly vary between casinos.

Before activating or redeeming casino bonuses, the player should always be aware of and understand how the wagering requirement works and why the casino sets it for its bonuses. The wagering requirements simply tell you how many times the bonus funds must be wagered before the bonus funds and any winnings can be withdrawn to your own bank account.

Depending on the type of bonus, both the deposited amount and the portion of the bonus funds may have their own wagering requirements. In practice, this means that you must bet a certain pre-defined amount on the games before the bonus funds turn into real money that can be withdrawn.

Typically, the bonus wagering requirement varies between 30-40. The most common bonus that can be found at casinos is a 100 percent deposit bonus with 35 times wagering requirements. This bonus practically works as follows: you deposit 100 dollars, and you get a bonus of 100 dollars from the casino on top of the deposited amount.

The wagering requirement in this example applies to the deposited amount itself, which is the most common type of bonus in casinos, i.e. you must complete the wager in games with the amount of 35 x $1000 CAD = $3500 CAD, after which you can withdraw your winnings.

This amount may sound outrageous or almost impossible at first, but when we explain this in the open, it is not such an impossible task. The wagering requirement is promoted by each game round played, i.e. if you spin the slot game with dollars, the wagering will progress regardless of the outcome of the round. So it doesn’t matter if you win or lose a round. In the best case, after the wagering requirement, the player still has winnings larger than the original balance in his pocket! If you play one round with a bet of one dollar and win 50 dollars with it, you fulfill the wagering requirement of one dollar in that single round. Bonus wager also continues with the next 49 dollars won, even if you make new profits with them again.

Different bonus types and their wagering requirements

Since there are a huge number of online casinos and all online casinos have their own conditions regarding bonuses, there are of course many different types of bonuses in use. Check out the different bonus models and how their wagering works below.

Wagering requirement only for bonus funds

Some online casinos set a wagering requirement only for the bonus amount. It means that there is no turnover requirement for your own deposited real money. The exception to this is that typically all deposits made to casinos include 1x wagering to prevent money laundering. A wagering requirement that only applies to bonus funds is a good option for the player.

Wagering requirement for the bonus and the deposited amount

This wagering requirement is more common at smaller casinos. If the wagering requirement applies to both the deposited amount and the bonus funds obtained with it, it is difficult for the player to pass the wagering requirements. This type is therefore not a good option for the player and we do not recommend hunting for these bonuses. With this model, a $100 CAD deposit with 35x wagering would therefore be double, or $7,000 CAD. Fulfilling wagering is not impossible, but significantly more difficult.

Non Sticky Bonuses and their wagering requirement

Forfeitable i.e. non sticky bonus means a bonus that can be handed over before the bonus funds are activated. The player’s own deposit is not subject to any kind of wagering requirements, and the player starts using his own funds. If a desired win clicks with this real money, the player can withdraw the winnings immediately. In this case, the player loses a part of the bonus funds from his balance, but on the other hand avoids wagering. The bonus with the non-sticky model is practically only activated if you lose your real money. The player thus gets a so-called second chance with the bonus funds. Only bonus funds are subject to the wagering requirement. This is one of the best types of bonuses for players.

Free spin bonus wagering requirements

The wagering requirements of the free spins apply to the winnings that the player has received after playing the free spins. If the wagering requirement is, for example, 35x and the player wins $10 CAD in free spins, the winnings must be wagered up to $350 CAD before they turn into real money that the player can withdraw.

The wagering requirements for free spins with deposit and no deposit free spins are typically higher than for deposit bonuses – especially in the case where the player receives a large number of free spins. However, there are online casinos where the wagering requirements are completely removed, specifically for free spins. Free spins like this are great, because all winnings from them are money that can be withdrawn immediately. The free spins bonuses are worth taking advantage of, and especially the spin-free free spins are the elite of the offers.

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Games approved for wagering

Almost all wagering requirements come with conditions that prevent or limit the playing of certain games. This means that certain games do not promote wagering at all, or only, for example, 50% of the amount invested in the games is counted towards wagering. Almost all slot games are allowed for wagering, but table games and video poker are often excluded

An exception to this may be games with a high return percentage such as 1429 Uncharted Seas or Big Bad Wolf. In some casinos, the games in question count for wagering with a reduced percentage. The condition is relatively common, so if one of the games in question is among your favorites, it’s worth checking.

Typically, Table games and video pokers do not participate in the wagering requirement at all, or they wager at a significantly lower rate. If table games are counted as wagering at all, their promotion is a really small percentage compared to slot games. So this simply means that, for example, with a 15% promoting game, betting a euro only means promoting wagering by 15 cents.

Other wagering conditions

Wagering requirements also have other conditions, the most typical of which are, for example, the following;

  • Time limit
    This means the time given to fulfill the wagering requirement. For example, with a time limit of 14 days, the player has 14 days to fulfill the wagering requirement, or the bonus funds are invalidated
  • Minimum and maximum deposit
    The minimum and maximum amount with which the bonus can be redeemed is always defined for the bonus. If you deposit less, you are not entitled to the bonus. Exceeding the maximum amount, on the other hand, is not worth it, as you still only benefit from the maximum amount defined for each bonus in its terms.
  • Maximum bet
    The wagering requirement is typically set with a maximum contribution that can promote wagering. The most common maximum bet is $5 CAD, which means that if you bet with larger amounts, you will not contribute to the wagering requirement.

Frequently asked Questions about wagering requirements

What are the wagering requirements?

The wagering requirements are requirements set by the online casino for bonuses. In practice, you must bet a certain amount in the casino’s games before you are entitled to claim the winnings you earned with the bonus money.

Is it difficult to pass the wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are time-consuming and do not always result in the repatriation of profits. You need patience and luck to do this, but this is really not an impossible task.

What does Sticky and Non sticky mean?

In wagering requirements, the term sticky means that the wagering requirement applies to both the bonus you received and the amount you deposited. The non-sticky wagering requirement means that you must wager only the bonus amount.

New Online Casino Canada | Wagering requierments

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