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Many players don’t think about the casino owners or its platform when choosing a casino. However, casino platforms are one of the things you should pay attention to as a player when choosing a casino. It can be difficult for new players to take this into account, but an experienced player can already recognize the casino platform when they go to the site and thus know what kind of gaming experience to expect. On the best casino platforms, the gaming experience is smooth, uncomplicated, and fully functional. Therefore, it is essential to choose one of the casinos that uses a suitable platform for you.

If you are not a new player, the following names are probably already familiar to you.

  • Kindred Group
  • Genesis Global
  • Bethard
  • Rootz
  • Aspire Global
  • Evoke Gaming
  • Hero Gaming

All online casinos need a platform to run and offer games. The best casino platform owners guarantee a wide selection of games, (slot games, blackjack, poker, bingo, mini-games, etc) familiar payment methods proven to work, reliable licenses and a platform that has been proven to work in all its areas. Several of these companies also sell their platforms for use by newer casinos. These so-called White Label casinos have become much more common in recent years and today there are already several sightings of these casinos, they give new casino operators the opportunity to compete in the industry using a functioning platform.

Trusted casino platforms

When choosing a casino platform that suits you, you should pay attention to a few main criteria by which you recognize the platform as reliable. The casino platform often offers different casinos on the same platform that use almost identical user interfaces, terms and conditions that are included in the bonuses.


If the casino does not have a license or it is not an EEA region license such as MGA (Malta license) or Estonian license, it is often not worth trying. A few exceptions can be found, for example, in casinos operating with a Curacao license. The license says a lot about the company’s operation and reliability. In particular, these ETA region licenses are not granted to casinos easily, but all matters related to the casino’s operation must be in order to obtain a license.

Company registration

Casinos are always registered in a certain state, where the situation is very comparable to a license. If the site is in the EEA region and the company is registered in the EU region, you can be sure that its activities are closely monitored by the authorities and thus guarantee yourself a reliable and safe place to play.

If the online casino is registered in Eastern European countries, but not in a country belonging to the EU region itself, you should check the license especially carefully, these companies often operate with a Curacao license. This does not automatically mean that the company or site in question is untrustworthy, but the registrations cannot be taken as a sign of trust in the same way as registration and licensing information for EU regions. When playing with a Curacao license, you are also always liable for taxes.

Bonus terms

Bonus terms already tell a lot about the casino’s reliability. Fair sites offer fair terms, and bonus terms are not, for example, written in small print or placed hard to find behind several clicks. Untrustworthy casino companies use exactly these tricks, as well as the pompous marketing of bonuses, to fish for players. If the bonus conditions are vague or unclear, you should google the casino company a little more before registering on the site and playing.

White Label Casinos

One of the trends that has become common over the years is that new casinos buy the casino platform and all its services from well-known large casino companies. These casinos, called White Label casinos, are therefore not offered on their own platform, but rely on the know-how of a well-known operator. White Label casinos receive from the owner of the casino platform everything they need to run the casino, from the license to the game selection and technical support. This is practically a win-win situation for the new casino and the owner of the casino platform itself, and often the best solution for a new casino. The owner of the casino platform produces and runs everything related to the implementation of the casino, and thus the casino has time to focus on the marketing of the casino itself, branding and what sets the casino apart from other competitors.

Only more experienced players recognize how some of the casino platforms differ from each other, because some of them are really similar. Most commonly, White Label casinos operate using the platforms of e.g. White Hat Gaming, Aspire Global and GiG operators. These White Label casinos do not in themselves change the gaming experience, because the gaming experience itself is the same as on the other sites of the casino platform. Of course, the most important thing is always that the casino has a high-quality platform with which the gaming experience is enjoyable in every way.

What do casinos get in this deal?

Of course, the most important are the games and game manufacturers that can be found on the casino platform. The best platform owners offer a very comprehensive package of different games from numerous game manufacturers, which in itself guarantees a product that interests us players. This is vital for a new online casino.

As mentioned before, the license issues must always be in order at the casino so that it can be successful in any way. At White Label casinos, the licensing comes from the casino platform, which operates with the best possible Malta MGA license, also offering their customers tax-free winnings. Players who go to the page recognize the license and at the same time know that they are playing on a reliable and safe site.

Of course, White Label casinos offer easy, versatile and safe payment methods. If the casino operates on a traditional model, you can always find all payment methods here, from credit cards to wallets. The casino without registration, on the other hand, offers money transfers conveniently using bank credentials, with one of the well-known payment services offering instant transfers.

The best casino owners have gained their popularity and become known for the great graphics, themes and smooth user interface of the sites. When a casino buys a White Label platform, it gets access to the functions, style and user experience of the casino platform, which is already familiar to many from other sites.

In addition to this, White Label operators almost always also provide technical support internally to the casino, but customer service is also offered to the casino. In this way, the casino gets access to the customer service departments of these major players in the industry, offering Top notch support and professional help.

Casino platforms from the player’s point of view

Those who have played at casinos for a long time already know what to keep in mind when choosing a new casino. Casino owners are clearly one of these things. The company that owns the casino platform is important mainly because the casino platform in use has a decisive influence on the gaming experience. When you play at casinos operating on the platforms of well-known operators, you guarantee yourself a high-quality gaming experience in all areas. When you recognize certain casino platforms, you can assume that the problems that occur on the operator’s other sites can also occur on this site.

If you know the owners of the casinos, you can narrow down certain options already during the casino selection process. You also don’t have to think about the casino’s reliability or safety beyond that if you know that the casino is owned by a well-known and well-known operator.

Frequently asked Questions

How to identify a reliable casino platform?

Pay attention to the casino’s licenses, where the company is registered, and what kind of bonus conditions the casino offers or whether they are clearly presented.

Why does the casino platform matter?

The casino platform guarantees a seamless and good gaming experience, as well as reliable and secure site operation.

How do I learn to recognize different casino platforms?

This becomes familiar when visiting different sites, if for example you test a few Rootz LTD sites, you will already recognize how the site is made really simple at each casino, and its navigation is the same with different brands. Themes, layout and graphics resemble each other on different sites that use the same casino platform.


New Online Casino Canada | Online casino operators

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