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No deposit bonuses offer the player the opportunity to play online casinos for real money without making any deposit. Casinos offer extra money to play or free spins as a no deposit bonus, which increases the player's chances of winning. A no deposit bonus is usually accompanied by high wagering requirements and specific terms and conditions.

No deposit bonus Canada

The main idea of a no deposit bonus is to make customers fall in love with the site and stay as customers for longer! Each online casino offers different bonuses in order to fulfill this purpose. No deposit bonuses in Canada are highly sought after, they offer the Canadian player  the opportunity to get involved with a new casino gaming platform.

A no deposit bonus gives the canadian player the opportunity to try out a new online casino, either with free spins bonuses or free play money, after which it is easier to decide if they want to stay on the site longer.

In the best case scenario, you’ll have big winnings before you need to deposit anything, and you’ll be able to withdraw the money you’ve won from the casino to your own account!

However, no deposit bonuses are often subject to certain conditions, such as a bonus wagering requirement. Many of the sites also determine how much money can be withdrawn from gambling accounts that have not made any deposits.

No deposit bonus types

Each online casino can offer different types of no deposit bonuses to users, both newbies who want to discover gambling, and those who have been enjoying the online casino for a long time. Among the types of no deposit bonus that we can find we have:

Free cash bonus no deposit casino

Free cash bonus in a no deposit casino, offers the possibility to the users to play with real money without making any deposit. It is quite a rare offer to find in online casinos nowadays, due to the risk that an online casino may have by offering the player the possibility of winning sums of money without even becoming an active member of the casino.

In most cases, free cash bonuses are exclusive benefits that can only be obtained by signing up through a site like ours.

Free cash bonus is usually subject to a wagering requirement, which means that the amount stated in this requirement must be wagered through a predetermined number of spins. Recycling requirements are usually around 40 times the amount deposited. More information on this can be found in the text below

To get free cash bonuses, we recommend following our site and our constantly updated list of no deposit casinos, as our excellent contacts often allow us to offer special benefits to our audience.

Free spins no deposit

Free spins no deposit are a very common way for casinos to introduce new players to their site. Free spins are exactly what their name implies, the player can play for a predetermined number of rounds without deducting balance from the player’s casino account at all.

The popularity of free spins lies in the excitement that playing it produces, as you can never know in advance what kind of winnings you will get from the spins. Once the rounds have been played and the winnings collected, the player can do whatever they want with the winnings collected

Free spins winnings generally are subject to certain wagering requirements just as normal bonus money. However, as the competition between online casinos intensifies, casino sites have also started to offer withdrawals of winnings without any requirement (Free, no deposit and instant!). It’s a good idea to take advantage of these benefits because, in the best case, you can cash in big profits right away!.

Loyalty no deposit bonus

Online casinos sometimes offer a proportional bonus in the form of money depending on the economic contribution made by the player. This no deposit bonus is aimed at users who make their first economic contribution to play, or at all those who have been playing for a long time.

Usually the casino provides a percentage of what the user contributes as a bonus. Let’s see it with an example: if the casino offers a 10% bonus, if we contribute $50 to play, it will give us an extra $5. In total we will have $55 available for bets.

Unlike the welcome bonus, this type has no limitations within the casino and can be used on any game.

How do I get a no deposit bonus?

Although obtaining no deposit bonuses is generally easy and does not require a deposit, the player must also follow certain steps to take advantage of the benefits. The steps vary from casino to casino and there are no single guidelines that apply to all casinos.

The conditions that the casinos impose are very strict. They intend to prevent the same user from receiving more than one no deposit bonus using false identities or multiple emails. No deposit bonuses have specific requirements that will always be available for consultation and that must be clear and understandable to the user.

In case you want to claim a no deposit bonus, the main thing will be to be able to prove your identity. If the casino is not able to confirm your real identity, you will not be able to collect the bonus regardless of the winnings achieved.

No deposit bonus redemption requirements

No deposit bonuses work so that the free money or free spins you receive are playable in the normal way. However, most casino bonuses include a certain wagering requirement. Sure, there are no recyclable bonuses, but there are no No Deposit bonuses available, otherwise the player could just withdraw free money from the casino. Normally, no deposit bonuses are subject to the same redemption requirements as normal deposit bonuses or free spin bonuses. Usually, the recycling percentages for these bonuses are between 20% and 50%. However, there is nothing to lose for the player who redeems the No Deposit Bonus, so there is no need to worry about the wagering requirement unless you happen to win well with the bonus you received.

Redeeming bonuses generally means reusing bonus money in casino games. So in practice, if the wagering requirement is a typical 35x, you will have to wager the bonus winnings at the casino a total of 35 times to redeem the winnings. The wagering conditions give the casino some security when big winnings hit players, and the higher this percentage, the harder it is to convert winnings into real money. So always try to find the lowest possible recycling requirement.

Another point to keep in mind are games that are accepted to promote recycling. So check out the bonus terms and conditions when winning, and make sure the game you want promotes the redemption requirement. At the same time, check how long you can recycle on time. Usually, a one-week deadline is by no means difficult for casino players to get through, but many players will still lose their bonus if they simply do not wager the required amount within the time specified in the terms and conditions. So remember to keep the recycling time in mind after redeeming the bonus so you don’t run into a problem situation at a later stage.

How to cash out No Deposit Bonus winnings?

The withdrawal of no deposit bonuses is no different from the withdrawal of normal casino winnings. Of course, you cannot withdraw no deposit bonuses as such, but the bonus money must first be wagered according to the rules of the offers. Always try to check the offer terms & conditions when activating the bonus in order to. you can make sure that when potential winnings hit you, you know how to act to get your winnings home. If the rules seem unclear or you are having trouble withdrawing your winnings, please contact the casino’s customer service via chat or email for assistance in resolving the issue. If you follow the rules of the offers, you will quickly get your winnings home.

What to consider when choosing a no deposit bonus?

The variety of no deposit bonuses in Canada is not very high, however, we can always find several options and it will be difficult for us to choose which option to claim. There are a number of objective comparison factors that you can use to choose the best one. In the following lines we show you what to look for to easily choose the best no deposit bonus:

Low rollover

How to claim winnings from a no deposit bonus? Fulfilling the rollover, or what is the same, the wagering requirements that the casino imposes as a rule in order to collect the benefits you get when playing with the bonus.

Usually you have to wager the bonus amount a certain number of times (between 10 and 35 is feasible) within a certain period and playing only certain games or with certain bets

What is the wagering requirement?

The wagering requirement is easier to describe through an example. If the €20 bonus has a 40x wagering requirement, the player must wager 20 x 40 = €800 on the games. In other words, there must also be winnings during the gaming session in order to wager that much on top of that initial amount.

If you are willing to know more about wagering requirements and this example was not enough we recommend you visit this link.

Bonus amount matters

Obviously, the higher the amount of a no deposit bonus, the more tempted we are to try and get it. But is more really always better? Again, it all depends on what your goal is. If you are going to try to clear the bonus, always the amount with a smaller rollover will be worth more.

Banned Games

The terms and conditions of the no deposit bonuses usually establish what percentage the games available in the different sections compute at the time of releasing the money. The normal thing is that no game with 98% or more of RTP computes, or if it does, it does not count at 100%.

To read more about RTP please visit the link.

Small withdrawal limit

No deposit bonuses may be subject to a withdrawal limit. In this way, online casinos prevent a player from withdrawing excessive amounts of money after making use of this bonus. The limits are usually not very high, but always try to get the one where the withdrawal limit is high or in the best case, there is no limit.

Casino reputation

Always try to choose casinos that are licensed under one of the most popular regulatory entities (MGA, UKGC, Curacao) to name a few. This way you can be sure that the operator complies with the law. And in the event of a problem, you can go directly to these entities to file a complaint.

Is it worth using no deposit bonuses?

These days online casinos have to go to great lengths to reach new customers, and in addition to offering a well-functioning casino, bonuses are often required to reach new users. This is, of course, an advantage for the customer: there are certainly many options and good benefits to use!

When using no deposit bonuses, it is good to remember that they never commit the player to anything. If you don’t feel comfortable in the casino you use or if you want to stay in your old casino because of the atmosphere, this is not a problem at all.

You can easily create a gaming account, use the offered no deposit bonuses and never come back again. If luck is on your side, you will make big profits with one of them!

The no deposit bonus is one of the best ways to discover a new casino site. You are guaranteed not to lose anything, and in the best case, you will make a profit!

Typical rules attach to a no deposit bonus

  1. Withdrawal amount: It is always important to know the amount of money allowed to be withdrawn after a no deposit bonus is activated. Some no deposit bonuses do not allow you to withdraw all the profits made. 
  2. Wagering requirements: No deposit bonus comes attached to a wagering requirement which are normally higher that the ones we find in any other bonuses. This is normal due no deposit bonuses are not something anyone should expect to have and is shown as a very generous offer from the casino to the player.
  3. Prize scale: The scale of a no deposit bonus is smaller. The amount of cash or free spins you could get from these bonuses won’t be too high. Free spins attached to a no deposit bonus won’t be higher than 50. This is a huge difference when we know that normal bonuses will give us hundreds. 
  4. Max bet allowed: A bonus can be attached to a max bet once activated. When we make use of a no deposit bonus the max bet is normally settled low, this is because casinos cannot risk having very high winnings with the money or spins given for free to the players. 
  5. Expiration time: Normal bonuses don’t normally come with a limited time and if they come with it, normally, expiration times are not too tight. This type of bonus will normally comes with an end date, and won’t last too long. These types of bonuses are always offered for a short period of time. 
  6. Game restrictions: A no deposit bonus normally comes attached to a game restriction rule. No deposit bonus terms and conditions will specify the games where this type of bonus can be used. This information is easy to find and most of the time is even shown on the title of the bonus offer.
  7. Payment methods: For many players this can be a tricky rule, as many players do not have all the casino payment options. Once you make profits attached to a no deposit bonus, this money can be withdrawn just with certain payment methods. The reason may vary, but most of them can be related to transaction fees.

Are there tricks to beat rollover and claim winnings from a no deposit bonus?

There are strategies to release the bonus money without deposit. Currently one of the most popular consists of the combined use of high and low volatility slots:

First try to get a good amount with a high volatility slot.

The rollover wagering requirements are then met with a low volatility slot.

Let’s see exactly how this strategy works and how to choose slots based on their volatility to get it going.

  • The initial step to start this process starts with the selection of a high volatility slot machine, that is, a game in which the prizes are not very frequent but they are high. The reason to start with a high volatility slot is that with a low jackpot machine you will likely need a lot more time to hit a sizable win.
  • When you already have a considerably high prize and it is worth trying to release, you should change to a title with low volatility and a high RTP, to try that while you meet the minimum amount that is necessary to bet, the game does not swallow your winnings .
  • Keep in mind that the winnings must be reasonably high so that the effort of going through the process of clearing the bonus is worthwhile, because normally you will have to subtract the amount corresponding to the bonus itself from the final prize that you get, which usually cannot be collected.


Through us, you will find all the best no deposit bonuses of the moment, and we also have many exclusive offers that are not available through other sites. We have partnered with numerous casinos over the years and sometimes we are able to offer completely exceptional benefits.

We wish you good luck with the games, as long as you remember this few things about no deposit bonuses!

  • Check wagering requirement
  • Check what is the maximum bet when playing with the bonus
  • Check what is the maximum withdrawal amount
  • Make sure all games are allowed when you play the bonus

In general, no deposit bonuses are some of the best things that online casinos have to offer, so you should definitely take full advantage of them. Canadians like free games, and likes free money!

Frequently Asked Questions about no deposit bonus:

How to claim a no deposit bonus?

You can claim a no deposit bonus in different ways. Depending on the casino, they will ask you to enter a code or claim the bonus in the promotions section. Also a no deposit bonus can be credited immediately after registration.

Is it worth claiming a no deposit bonus?

Yes. A no deposit bonus gives you the opportunity to play online casinos without having to deposit. For those who want to try a new casino and also try their luck, this option is the best. We recommend always reviewing the terms and conditions attached to this bonus before claiming it.

Is a no deposit bonus real money?

Yes. A no deposit bonus is real money. This bonus may be reflected as play money or free spins, however this bonus is usually tied to terms and conditions that we must follow in order to withdraw any winnings generated through the bonus.

Are there no deposit requirements for No Deposit bonuses?

Yes, almost always. Like almost all online casinos, the bonus also includes a free wagering requirement.

New Online Casino Canada | No deposit bonus

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