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Megaways games are some of the most popular games you can find in an online casino. Megaways slots offer us immense opportunities to win! Discover the best Megaways games in our wide selection of online casinos in Canada

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, trend in the world of casino games has been Megaways for the past few years. The gaming halls are steadily filled with Megaways games, the operation and popularity of which we describe in more detail in this article. The term Megaways comes from the mechanism launched by the game provider Big Time Gaming, which works in its simplicity so that the game does not have limited winning lines, but can actually reach up to 100,000!

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Other casino game providers quickly noticed how popular casino slot games with that mechanic were, and fortunately, Big Time Gaming quickly started licensing Megaways to other hard manufacturers in the industry as well. Thus, you can see Megaways games from as many game providers as possible today, and Red Tiger Gaming, for example, has produced one more amazing Megaways slot on the market.

The great popularity of the games among players is no surprise, the massive coverage of various themes combined with special functions, exploding symbols and changing reels, as well as the number of paylines, produces a unique gaming experience. Megaways has quickly cleared the way for the popularity of traditional slots and conquered its own category from all the top casinos.

The best Megaways online casinos

Since Megaways games are produced by a large number of the industry’s top providers, you will come across them in almost all casinos. However, we can already tell you at this stage that checking the availability of Big Time Gaming, Red Tiger, and Blueprint among the casino’s game providers is a quick way to guarantee a wide selection of Megaways. The game providers in question offer a very large number of different options, and the best of the games have already achieved cult-like popularity and the classic title. Check out the different casinos with the Megaways offer on our website and choose the place you like to play, we guarantee that you will have a great gaming experience at these casinos!

How to play Megaways games?

Megaways, as mentioned before, is a term that refers to the mechanics created by Big Time Gaming, which this series of slot games is based on. However, this does not mean that all of the games work the same way, the mechanics have been modified differently according to the games and applied in the most interesting ways. So you can find Megaways games at the low and high end of volatility just like other games. At this point, however, it is good to mention that Megaways games are increasingly placed on the side of higher volatility. This concept can be compared to jackpot games, for example, casino players know how the games work because their main principle is the same, but the games themselves are different.

In a normal or average Megaways game, the player usually finds six reels on the table, with varying numbers of symbols / reel, i.e. varying numbers of lines. As an example, we can give a spin where six different symbols fall on the first reel, only three on the second, and five symbols on the third reel instead. So the number of lines varies per reel, and of course the higher the number of symbols per reel the player hits, the higher the number of Megaways lines are generated. So you should always hope for as many lines of symbols as possible, to achieve the maximum profit! Certain lines are not required to win in Megaways games, but the principle is that if the symbol appears on adjacent reels, it is counted as a winning line. The position of the symbol does not matter, only that it appears on consecutive reels.

This combination of symbols on consecutive reels forms Megaways paylines. Since there are no traditional lines, with a full stack the same symbols can be won by tens of thousands of lines! The potential for a jackpot is high with Megaways games, which entices players to try games with this mechanic in the hope of winning. Opening the Megaways game can be painful for a first-timer because it sounds and looks confusing at first, long-time players can be confused about the principle by which winnings are actually paid. However, we can guarantee that you can get into the games quickly, and the games’ own special features will quickly become familiar. So all you have to do is feel free to try it!

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The best Megaways games

Almost all players have seen or heard about the most popular Megaways game on the market. Big Time Gaming’s masterpiece Bonanza was one of the big reasons for Megaways’ success. The game raised the popularity of mechanics and all the best casinos wanted the game in their selection. After the huge popularity of Bonanza, Megaways games started hitting the market at an increasingly frequent rate. After Bonanza, the theme was taken to Mexico by Extra Chill, which immediately became as mega popular as Bonanza itself. In addition to Bonanza and Extra Chill, games that have become super popular include the cult favorite White Rabbit and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, which is based on the TV format of the same name. White Rabbit offers its players a massive 97.24% return player percentage, and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire offers the opportunity to gamble the bonus slots games rounds at will, in line with the theme of the program itself. One of Blueprint Gaming’s most popular Megaways games is Return of Kong Megaways. This game has great graphics with humor and the best special functions. The maximum winning lines (117,649 lines) of the Megaways function guarantee the possibility of mega wins. During the free spins, you benefit from an unlimited winning coefficient and the possibility to win additional spins. During the free spins, the player’s goal is to collect golden monkey symbols that increase the meter seen next to the reels. When it is full, two new free spins are always added to the player’s account, and the number of winning lines appearing during the spins increases. Return of Kong’s return percentage is 96.03%.

Today, Megaways games hit the market with a bang, and the players themselves will decide which of the hot games will rise to the level of favorites. Keep an eye on the offer of Megaways casinos from our lists and test new releases to find your favorite in the world of Megaways games.

You can conveniently find Megaways games at casinos in their own category. Almost all Canadian casinos, mainly the best new casinos and fast payout casinos have their own section for Megaways games in the navigation bar of the page. By opening the category, you can conveniently browse Megaways games produced by different game providers, from classics to newcomers.

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How much can be won from Megaways games?

The usually high volatility of Megaways games means big wins in themselves, but you may have to claim them over several spins due to the high volatility. When playing games with high volatility, it is good to think carefully about the bet and the maximum balance for the game player before starting to play, because in the worst case, the balance quickly drops to zero in the rush of the game. Volatility does not tell the actual return of a short game, but rather how the game works in the long run. However, the return rate is a much more realistic measure of the chances of winning. It tells the player an average of how much the game gives back on the bet in the long run. For example, with a 97% return, a player can expect $97 CAD in winnings with a $100 CAD bet, if it were the result of tens of thousands of spins. Megaways games don’t try to be the king of the maximum win, because the biggest maximum wins we’ve seen have been $250,000 CAD maximum win limits. Maybe it’s better that the volatility isn’t sky high with these games.

Frequently asked Questions about Megaways slots


What are Megaways games?

Megaways games are games with mechanics launched by Big Time Gaming, where the number of lines varies on the reels, and winnings are always paid for consecutive symbols regardless of their placement. The number of Megaways lines is determined by the lines that appear on the reels.


Where can I find the best Megaways games?

In addition to our lists, you can check whether the online casino has game manufacturers such as Big Time Gaming or Blueprint. These manufacturers guarantee a wide selection of Megaways games.


Is it easy to win Megaways games?

Megaways games typically have high volatility, so if you are looking for easy winning opportunities, these games are not suitable. In Megaways games, you can get huge wins, but they can take time to hit.


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