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Live casinos offer players the opportunity to enjoy the most popular casino games! In live casinos in Canada you will find poker games, live roulette, live blackjack, bingo and many more! New Online Casino Canada offers you a wide variety of live casino options, fast, safe and with the best welcome bonuses available!

Live casino

Classic table games are also available online today, and the best atmosphere can be found on the live casino side. Real dealers, a spectacular setting, and the ability to chat with the dealer and fellow players via chat make for an unforgettable live casino gaming experience. Find out more about live casino Canada activities, games and the best gaming venues!

Classic live casino games include roulette, blackjack and baccarat, and have been played for money throughout history. Live casinos have brought casino classics to the 21st century, as they can now be enjoyed at an online casino from anywhere, with the right dealer.

The atmosphere in live casinos Canada today is almost at the level of physical casinos, and that is why live casino games attract more players away from the table games found in online casinos. Table games have always been part of casino selections, but initially only random number generator versions were available. At Live Casino, the feel is quite different when the social side is involved and the playing cards used are genuine physical cards.

In order to convey the atmosphere to the players, the game manufacturers broadcast a live video from their tables that players can watch. Several live dealers work in the same space, chatting to players while running games. Players, in turn, can participate in the conversation using chat. 


Best live casino Canada

The best live casinos in Canada offer players the best selection of live casino games, in these casinos, the player can play live roulette, blackjack, bingo, poker, crazytime, monopoly and many other popular games. for Canadians.

In the best live casinos you will also find exclusive offers for this type of game. Many Canadian online casinos focus on offering the user unique offers for slot games, however, the best ones offer casino welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, cashback bonus and even free no deposit bonus to their live casino players, where these bonuses are fair and increase the chances of winning for the user!


Cards at the live casino

The authenticity of the experience is enhanced by the fact that Live Dealers work in exactly the same way as dealers in traditional casinos. At the roulette table, they announce the end of the betting phase, turn the reel and announce the outcome of the round and its winners. At blackjack tables, the dealers turn the cards over to themselves and the players, and the players decide whether or not to take a new card.

In a live casino Canada, the player and the dealer are always opposite, meaning the players do not play against each other. Of course, several players can sit at the same live casino table at the same time, and in roulette games, for example, there is usually no limit to how many can participate in the same round of play. However, blackjack tables can only accommodate a few players, as is the case with regular casinos.

Poker versions of live casinos (such as Casino Hold’em) are played against the dealer. Playing against other players takes place in the poker rooms of casinos, which are not the same thing as live casinos.

Running a live casino requires quality technology and a lot of resources, so there aren’t as many game makers as slot game providers. Online casino live games in Canada are usually of very high quality due to the high level of investment. Live casino customers usually learn to recognize the tables and dealers of different game providers, and many often develop their own favorite providers. The best live casinos partner with these game providers to provide an awesome live casino experience.


Live games at a live casino


The most popular games in live casinos are the table games known to everyone, which have always been played in casinos. However, alongside roulette, blackjack, poker and baccarat, more innovative options have also been developed that bring players a new kind of experience. These options are called live games or show games.

Show games are often themed with versions of well-known board games such as Monopoly, or wheels of fortune. At Canada live casinos, however, games of chance have become really popular, and are often as popular as traditional table games.

The idea of ​​Live Wheel of Fortune games is usually based on players guessing where the bike will stop. The bike usually has different numbers and a few special points to double the winnings or start a certain special function. Some symbols have several on the wheel, while other numbers can only be found in a few places. The rarer the symbol, the higher the winnings from it.

The advantage of the games is their simplicity, because betting on numbers based on luck does not require more familiarity with the game. Also, nice chatting game managers increase the popularity of the wheels of fortune because the experience is casual and not as hectic as in traditional table games.

Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher has taken the lead in the wheel of fortune games. The same manufacturer has also produced the Monopoly Live lucky bike game based on the familiar board game classic. Other providers have also joined the production of live games like this, but only the Evolution Gaming wheels of luck are standard products at the best Canada live casinos.


Live blackjack


Blackjack is a popular classic known to all. The idea of ​​the game is to aim for Chapter 21, but if the score goes above this, the game is lost. The dealer and the player play over which of the cards gets closer to 21. The value of the picture cards is 10 points and the value of the other cards is their face value. An ace has 1 or 11 points.

The rules of the game are usually almost the same in both physical casinos and live casinos. Cards are dealt to both the dealer and the player, and the player can decide when to stop taking cards. The dealer will only act as required by the rules.

One of the benefits of playing at a live casino is that the tables accept smaller stakes than traditional casinos. Playing with small stakes is safe, especially when your bankroll is low or you just want to try gaming. Live casinos usually also offer VIP-level blackjack tables, where bets can go up significantly higher than traditional casinos.


Live roulette 


Another well-known classic, roulette consists of a separate wheel and game board, both of which contain numbers 0-36. The numbers on the roulette wheel have their own slots, and the idea of ​​the game is to guess at which number the ball thrown into the wheel will stop. In addition to numbers, players can bet on sets of numbers or colors (half of the numbers are red and half are black, zero is green).

Roulette games at canada live casinos look the same as at traditional casino tables. The dealer’s job is to set the roulette wheel up and running the game for the players. While you can’t physically place bets in the box you want, live gaming is as entertaining an experience as a traditional casino.

The player can search for the version of roulette they like, as online casinos usually offer numerous different variations of the familiar game. The best-known roulette versions include European and American roulette. The American version has two zeros, which adds to the house advantage. Fortunately, live roulettes generally follow the rules of European roulette, unless otherwise stated.

Live casinos also often have a car roulette without a dealer. A roulette wheel is an automated wheel in which a ball is placed using an automatic machine. When playing car roulette, you can focus on the essentials, but the dealer is not explaining the course of the game.

As with blackjack, the betting opportunities at live roulette are better at live casinos than at traditional casinos. Many tables can be played with a stake of less than one euro, and a single stake at VIP tables can reach several hundred euros. The best live casinos offer roulette tables from edge to edge for all kinds of players.


Live baccarat


Baccarat has not gained as much popularity as roulette or blackjack, but is definitely one of the best known and most traditional table games.

In Baccarat, two hands are always dealt, the player and the banker, but the hands are not the same for the player and the dealer as in blackjack. The player can bet on either hand as the winner, and the hand with the higher score wins. The cards are dealt in 2 or 3 pieces. Picture cards and tens are worth zero points, while others get points based on a numeric value and an ace is worth one. When the points of the cards are added together, tens are ignored, so the maximum possible score is 9.

Baccarat tables are plentiful, but without the same diversity as roulette tables, for example. The popularity is simply not at the same level for Baccarat.


Live casinos for Canadians

Online casino live games are normally in English. Online casino live tables are open to everyone, meaning English is the standard language. There are some tables in different languages, and English and French roulette tables, for example, can be found in all casinos.

Evolution Gaming’s game selection offers best casino roulette and blackjack. These tables are very popular, but unfortunately they are not available at all casinos. Not all casinos listed have available options to play live games.

Of these two tables, roulette is the one that is available more often, and this is simply because the number of players at the roulette table is not limited. Blackjack can only be reached by a few players at a time, and the rest must be played elsewhere or content with betting on Bet Behind. The best live casinos for Canadians players are recognized by the fact that at least the most popular and favorite slots in Canada can be found in their selection.


Frequently Asked Questions about live casinos


  • What games can be found at live casinos?

  Live casinos are usually found in all traditional table games, and the most common games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker variations, and wheel of fortune. The selection varies slightly depending on the casino, and the best deals are usually found at major online casinos or live gaming sites.

  • How to play in live casinos?

Live casinos can be deposited by players, these games cannot be played in the demo version. After logging in, you can go directly to the live casino as your own category and choose the game you want. Most live games bet with unequal chips, and the menus are usually very clear.

  • Can live casino games be played on mobile?

Most live games also run on mobile casinos and directly in the browser version. Thus, gaming in live casinos can be played on a mobile device according to their preferences. For example, Evolution Gaming has developed a game view that works well even on small mobile screens.

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