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Interac casinos have become quite popular in Canada due to the adoption of this payment method in the country. Interac casinos accept wire transfers from most Canadian casinos, making it easy for players to make deposits or withdrawals. This is a safe, fast and convenient payment method for the Canadian player. In the list below you will find the best Interac casino options available.

Interac casino Canada

Interac casinos are famous in Canada due to the huge adoption the country has had of it as a method of payment. Interac is a fast, safe and efficient method, so much that it is accepted as a transfer method by most banks in Canada.

All online casinos in Canada that accept Interac offer an optimal solution for money transfers between banks and the player’s online casino account.

Interac is a trusted payment method that is associated with hundreds of banks in the country. This payment method effectively protects the user’s information through encrypted technology, which results in a satisfactory and secure user experience in terms of payments.

If you as a player have a Canadian bank account, it is most likely that you can use this payment method to transfer money to your gaming account.


Best Interac Casinos

Best Interac casinos are those casinos that make it as easy as possible for the user to make a deposit and transfer through this payment method. The most important thing is to evaluate the speed of the transfer, the maximum amount of withdrawal and the user interface when making the deposit.

As well, Interac casinos offer a wide range of casino games, high standard welcome offers, raffles, tournaments and a reliable and intuitive design.

The best Interac casinos are listed at the top of this page, however among the best we can name:


100% up to 300$
300 free spins
Wager: 40x
Terms and conditions apply


100% up to 750$
100 free spins
Wager: 35x
Terms and conditions apply


100% up to $1000
10$ Crypto Cashback
Wager: 30x
Terms and conditions apply


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How do I know if an online casino offers Interac as a payment method?

The fastest way to find out if a casino offers Interac as a payment method is to enter the casino’s website and scroll down to the bottom of the main page, at the footer you will find the payment methods accepted by the online casino. Check carefully, if you find the Interac logo there it is because it is an Interac casino.


This is an example taken from Nucleonbet casino.

Another way to find out if the online casino accepts Interac is to look for the payment options in the casino main’s menu or in the footer of the main page.


Select where it says banking or payment methods and it should show you a list of accepted payment methods. Please verify that you are checking the list in Canada!


Now you can continue with the registration, deposit with Interac and play!

How to register and play at an Interac casino?

There is no difference regarding registration and play between an Interac casino or regular online casino. The only difference we can find between an Interac casino and a regular online casino is the method we use when depositing and withdrawing.

  • In order to make any deposit from Interac make sure you have a bank account that supports the Interac payment method. If your bank does not support this payment method, you will need to create an account with a financial institution that does support it.
  • Choose the Interac casino and go to the banking methods page, you will have Interac available as a payment option. After choosing this option, you will be redirected to another page where you can choose your bank. Choose your bank, log in with your bank details and you will be able to carry out the transaction.
  • After confirmation, you will be able to enjoy the games! The deposit balance should be displayed on the screen, in the balance section.
  • To make a withdrawal, make sure that the Interac payment method is also listed for withdrawal, if so, proceed to make the withdrawal directly to your bank account. Be sure to check that the Interac method is available for deposit and withdrawal! Make sure it’s available for both procedures, please check before making a registration or any deposit.

If you are interested in knowing how to register, play and deposit in an online casino, we recommend you visit the section How to play in an online casino?

How to deposit at an Interac casino? (Step by step)

Depositing at Interac casino is very simple, to make a deposit using Interac as a payment method follow these steps (we will use Cashmio online casino as an example):

Login in your casino account:


Open the cashier by clicking deposit


A list of available deposit methods will appear, find and select as payment method Interac


This will open a payment window, add the payment amount to deposit and select the button that says deposit


A window will open and you will be redirected to the GIGADAT payment process page. GIGADAT is an online payment processor that specializes in making and processing transactions for Interac corporation.


Select Interac e-Transfer to open the fund deposit page and enter transaction processing instructions



Follow the instructions to log in to your bank account. Select Interac e-Transfer within your online banking account and enter GIGADAT as the recipient.

Add the recipient’s email, the exact amount to deposit and the unique message received for the transaction.


If you have the automatic deposit option available, you will have to answer the security question to process the payment.


Click “return to merchant” to complete the transaction.


Your transaction should be processed within minutes and the balance should appear credited to your player account.


Now is time to play!!!

How to withdraw money at an Interac casino?

To make a withdrawal from an online casino via Interac e-Transfer we recommend activating the autodeposit feature in your Interac e-Transfer account.

With this option activated, all money transfers made through your registered email account will be deposited into your bank account automatically without the need to process any instructions.

To make a withdrawal through Interac e-Transfer, all you need is to request a withdrawal request with the exact amount of money to be withdrawn.

Select the button that says withdraw


Among the payment options, find and select the Interac e-Transfer option as withdrawal method. Add the exact amount to withdraw and press the button that says withdraw.


A message will appear confirming the withdrawal as successful.


You will receive an email saying that your transaction has been successful and that you must confirm the payment in your bank account.


Log in to your bank account, answer the security questions and accept the payment.


EUREKA! Now is time to enjoy the profits!

If you are having problems making a withdrawal  in the online casino with recommend you to click here.

Interac Online vs Interac e-Transfer

Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer are the most popular payment and transfer services in Canada. This method is convenient, safe and fast when moving money from your bank account to the online casino and vice versa. There is a difference between these two options associated with Interac, we explain below.

Interac e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer is a service adopted by most banks in Canada, any Canadian who has an account in a bank in the country will be allowed to use this convenient electronic funds transfer service. Canadians can send money to friends and family via email and mobile number.

Online casinos that offer Interac e-Transfer are not able to see information related to your account, no private information can be seen by the casino so all data will always be safe.

Transactions have two-factor authentication, so there will be an email associated with the account and when making a deposit you need to answer the security question correctly to be able to process any payment.

Interac Online

Interac online is a very popular service in the online shopping’s world. Interac online has been the most efficient solution that Canadians with bank accounts have had to make payment when gambling.

Interac Online payment method offers a direct connection from your bank account to the online casino. This way when you log in you can make instant transfers without the need to enter an email. All information is safe and private through this service.

Interac casinos fees and commission

Interac does not charge any percentage fee of the money transfer made to and from the online casino. The fees that could be generated are deducted by the casino side. However, Interac e-Transfers deducts $1 per transaction as a fixed fee. If you are thinking of playing with large amounts of money, this is undoubtedly a very viable option. If, on the other hand, the sum of money to be deposited is low, it may not be the most appropriate payment method.

Deposit and withdrawal times at an Interac casino

One of the reasons using Interac casinos is a viable payment method is because of the deposit speed. When a deposit is made at an online casino through Interac, this deposit is instantly credited to our player account.

Also Interac casinos that accept e-Transfer offer deposits that take no more than 30 minutes to be credited to the account, so starting to play the casino is only a matter of minutes.

Withdrawals through Interac take a little longer to clear, however, if we compare the withdrawal method by bank account or debit card (which can take days) to the Interac withdrawal which takes a few hours, this method is much faster.


For Canadian players there are many payment options available, some will be faster than others and some will be less expensive and easier to use than others. Interac casinos are a safe option to go to, in these casinos you will find the way to make deposits and transfers quickly, safely and with the minimum possible cost.

It is important to always check the fees that the casino charges for the use of this payment method, however, so far we have only received positive feedback from Interac casinos. We recommend them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Interac casinos:

Are Interac casinos safe?

Yes. Online casinos with Interac as a payment method offer a secure environment, where all payments are processed through Interac, which has the highest security standards and is trusted by most Canadian banks.

Do I need to pay a fee in order to make a transaction from Interac to my casino account?

There is a fixed fee of 1$ per transaction for Interac e-Transfer payment methods, whatsoever, each online casino can charge an additional amount per transaction, we recommend having a look into the banking section of the casino and have a look into fees to be able to know the total amount.

Are Interac casino payments fast?

Yes. Deposits with Interac e-Transfer within an online casino are instant (in rare scenarios could last up to 30 minutes). On the other hand when withdrawing with Interac e-Transfer the transaction could last a few hours.

Is it difficult to deposit or withdraw at an online casino using Interac?

No. Depositing and withdrawing at an online casino with Interac is quite easy. If you want to know how to make a deposit or withdrawal from an Interac casino, we recommend you to click here.

New Online Casino Canada | Interac Casinos

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