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Playing at online casinos is, at best, a fun pastime, and it should always remain at this level. Who doesn’t want a little excitement in their life? However, if you notice that you are in a situation where playing has started to become an addiction, break the game cycle right away. Sometimes casino games can take a while and quickly the money spent on gambling is more than you could really afford to lose. Sometimes the problem is the use of time, you play for too long or too often. In this article, we will tell you about blocking programs that can help you stop or control gaming.

Responsible gaming

Responsible gambling is the first priority in today’s online casinos. A large number of players don’t even know how much responsibility is placed on casinos today by the license supervisors in terms of responsible gambling. All casinos confirm the identity of the players either by identifying themselves through online banking credentials or with various identity-confirming documents (Know Your Customer). The casino ensures with the KYC process that the player is who he says he is, and that his information is real. The process also extends to payment methods, such as confirming the payment method with a bank statement. If the player exceeds certain limits, the casino also asks the players for documents proving the source of funds, in order to prevent crime and to confirm that the player can afford to gamble with large sums.

If the responsible gaming department notices that the player’s gaming behavior is worrisome, it will contact the player. If the player wants help with the situation, every casino is ready to help the player with various tools. In addition, the game account of players who have admitted a game problem will be permanently closed, and it will no longer be possible to open them again.

Casinos monitor gambling and players’ well-being in responsible gambling departments and offer comprehensive tools for gambling management. Below you will find the best tools that you should set in your game account after registration to help manage your gaming and prevent problems.

However, playing responsibly is always the player’s own responsibility. There are plenty of tools provided on the sites, so use them. However, casinos offer a lot of different tools to help players, with which gambling remains under control and thus also a pleasant way of spending time.


  • Deposit limits – You can set a maximum deposit amount for a day, a week or even a month
  • Time limits – You can set the maximum time you can spend at the casino per day, week or month
  • Recycling limit – You can set how much you can recycle, i.e. play in games, in a certain period of time.
  • Loss limit – You can set the amount you can lose in a certain period of time. We recommend that you always set a loss limit that suits you the first time you play.
  • Session reminders – helps to take care of the players’ sense of time and how much the player has lost or won at the casino during the session.
  • Game account suspension and closure – helps the player to temporarily or permanently close the account in case of problems
  • Ad blocking, you can block all marketing from the casino if these seem too tempting
  • Casino blocking programs – you can completely block all casino sites using these programs

Blocking programs

Blocking programs block access to online casinos completely. There are already several different versions of these programs on the market, adapted to different needs. All of these programs completely block gambling, as well as their advertising. The programs work both on the phone and on the computer. By paying a small amount compared to gambling addiction, you can get rid of gambling completely. However, you can also use the programs for free. Check out the well-known programs below that have been found to work.


Gamban is one of the best online casino blocking programs. Gamban easily and quickly blocks virtually all online casinos. Each user can modify the settings according to their own needs and prevent playing if they wish, even permanently. Gamban is a more expensive software, but a really functional tool. Gamban works on all devices, and its paid version costs around $13 per month. You can also try it for free.


BetBlocker is the most popular of the free blocking programs. Betblocker also works on all devices, and blocks virtually all possible gambling sites. However, in addition to preventing gambling, Betblocker cannot hide gambling-related marketing. However, Betblocker does its job, and the player can block playing with it for as long as he wants.

How to reduce gambling?

Treat gaming as entertainment, not as a way to get rich. In each round of the game, you have a higher chance of losing than winning. The more you play, the more likely you are to lose. Don’t try to win back losses. It won’t work. Don’t borrow money to keep playing.

How much money do you spend on gambling? Think about what nice things you could buy if you saved this money. Set up your own savings account or a new account.

Do you have faulty gambling-related thoughts that keep you gambling excessively? Set game limits and stick to them. Decide in advance how much money you can spend playing. How much can you comfortably afford to lose in one game, a week or a month? Decide how much time you can spend playing and also notice what else takes up that time. Don’t spend more money or time gambling than you are willing to tell your loved ones or what you have agreed with them. Keep the promises you make to others.

Take advantage of, for example, daily and monthly game restrictions in online games and keep a game diary.

Help with game problems – Begambleaware

BeGambleAware’s helpline 0808 8020 133, open 24/7 You can discuss anything related to gaming problems and difficulties in controlling gaming in confidence. Employees have a duty of confidentiality. Whether your concern is small or big, BeGambleAware listens and helps you find a solution. We often hear a player or loved one say, “I wish I had contacted you sooner.” So talk about your situation sooner rather than later!

You can talk to BeGambleAware operator on duty about anything related to gaming management difficulties or gaming problems.

Calls are answered by a professional who specializes in problem gambling.

Discuss and ask questions about a gaming problem, limiting or stopping gaming, support and treatment options, or anything related to a gaming problem.

We will discuss your issue equally and respectfully, taking your needs into account. We listen and encourage, give tips if you want and guide you forward.

The conversation is confidential. Employees have a duty of confidentiality regarding all discussed matters. You can also call anonymously or with a nickname.

Gambler’s chat

BeGambleAware’s chat is open 24/7. You can chat in the chat about anything related to the difficulty of controlling the game or the game problem with the person on duty at BeGambleAware.

You can start a conversation with BeGambleAware’s operator by writing your message in the chat box at the bottom right of the page. The chat conversation is an alternative to calling: it is intended for discussing the same things as the helpline. Ask or talk to us about your own gaming, the gaming of someone important to you or your client.

The conversation is between the employee and the customer and takes place anonymously. You can also quickly ask about the services of your area or BeGambleAware for gaming problems and other methods.


Frequently asked Questions

How to prevent playing?

Gambling prevention is most convenient to do with the help of applications intended for it. Applications can be downloaded to mobile devices and computers as needed.

Where to get help for problems?

You can get help for your own situation or that of a loved one, for example, from BeGambleAware.


New Online Casino Canada | Gambling addiction help

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