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A crypto casino is a variant of a common online casino. Crypto casinos offer the player the opportunity to play, bet and enjoy with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are currently extremely popular, due to the ease of use and the speed of their transactions. In New Online Casino Canada you will find the necessary information to start playing online casino with your cryptocurrencies, quickly and safely and through the best options of crypto casinos in Canada.

Best Crypto Casino

The best crypto casino is the one that offers the user a secure platform, with fast transactions and that also has the possibility of making payments and withdrawals with a greater number of crypto currencies.

The best crypto casinos in Canada have all the necessary tools to make your game as entertaining as possible. The community behind a crypto casino is very important, this is due to the fact that currently cryptocurrencies have generated unity with the aim of growing their value, and crypto casinos know this very well. Crypto casinos are also very transparent, especially in terms of bets and winnings made, it is very common to see transactions made on their platforms, of course, anonymously, since anonymity is an important part of the crypto world .

The best crypto casino should have extensive cryptocurrency payment methods, fast and secure transactions, top-notch customer support, relevant licenses (MGA, UKCG, Curacao eGaming, among others), a modern and intuitive design, and a very good community.

To all this is added good casino offers, where the player can afford to increase the chances of winning and where the terms and conditions of the offer are fair for the player.

If you are on the hunt for the best crypto casino, we recommend checking out the list at the top of this page! There we have listed by relevance the best crypto casinos available in Canada.

Why should you play at a crypto casino?

A crypto casino is an online casino that accepts payments in crypto currencies and accepts the player to play in any of the cryptocurrencies accepted by their platform. You should play a crypto casino because they allow us to make instant deposits and withdrawals in your preferred cryptocurrency, in addition, these casinos often do not require any KYC to deposit or withdraw small amounts of money, so the common player can avoid all this process that is slow and tiring.

Anonymity is an essential part of cryptocurrencies and therefore also of crypto casinos. For many players, keeping a low profile when gambling is and always will be a plus.

Crypto casinos are famous in the world of iGaming for having very high budgets, this is excellent for players looking to take advantage of good offers and also enjoy constant raffles and prizes. At New Online Casino Canada we can assure you that you will never find bonuses and promotions like those offered by a crypto casino.

To all this it is good to add that crypto casinos invest a lot in the user experience, so it is easy to find a huge range of popular games, an incredible community and a modern and intuitive design.

Benefits of a crypto casino

If the information shared above still does not convince you about crypto casinos, here is a list of all the benefits that a crypto casino has for you:

  • Huge variety of cryptocurrency payment methods
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Highly secure
  • You will find the best welcome bonuses and the best casino offers
  • Constant raffles and prizes
  • A gaming range like no other
  • An excellent community of players
  • Monthly, weekly and daily tournaments
  • A first-class, modern and intuitive design

How to deposit and play in a crypto casino?

Crypto casinos does not tend to directly accept traditional currencies, i.e. FIAT currencies, as payment methods, but you can choose the deposit currency from a wide range of different cryptocurrencies. There is sometimes the possibility to buy crypto directly from the crypto casino site, so you can also use currencies that are more familiar to you, such as CAD or US dollars.

For tutorial purposes we will use as an example. Any other crypto casino should follow the same patterns to complete a deposit.

You can use several of the following cryptocurrencies to deposit money directly in a crypto casino, remember this will depend on each casino, in some you will find more options than in others.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • BitcoinCash
  • XRP
  • Tron
  • Eos


In most of the casinos you will be able to see the balance in FIAT, in this case you could select “Display in fiat” to convert the value of the currency to its approximate value in FIAT. Among FIAT currencies you will find all the usual major currencies.

Depositing directly in cryptocurrency is possible by copying the address of your crypto casino wallet, allowing you to transfer cryptocurrency directly from your wallet to the site, or alternatively with a QR code, which greatly speeds up the process.



Once you have accepted the transfer from your crypto wallet, the currency will be transferred to your casino wallet depending on the currency you select. Check the transfer time of your chosen currency before making a deposit so that the waiting time does not surprise you when you want to start playing.


You can view the transfer fees by currency by clicking on the “View fees” link. Please note that the amount of the transfer fees depends on the currency you use. Always check the transfer fees for the currency you use in advance to avoid surprises.

In total, it took 15 minutes from the start of the payment transaction to the arrival of the funds. That is, now you can make coffee and prepare yourself for a game session.


If you are having problems depositing an online casino please have a look in the section problems with online casinos, we assure you will find a solution.

Crypto casino welcome bonus and deposit offers

Crypto casinos began to appear in recent years due to the exponential growth that cryptocurrency payments have been experiencing around the world. Canada is one of the countries with the highest adoption of cryptocurrencies, this makes it a key region for crypto casinos in the world.

One of the reasons why crypto casinos have become so popular around the world is because of the welcome offers and deposit deals that they offer. Crypto casinos have very high budgets, which they use to promote themselves around Canada and to offer Canadian players unbeatable deals.

Crypto casinos offer welcome bonuses of 150%, 200% and up to 300% where you can increase your deposit up to 1000$ or 2000$ in btc (Bitcoin). Crypto casinos offer the possibility of making huge deposits of money and being able to double or triple it without matter of the amount of the deposit being so high. Expert players know that this is hard to beat for any commun online casino.

crypto casino offers

As we can see, this type of deposit must be made in cryptocurrencies, however, it is not an obstacle for the common player, since crypto casinos also offer the possibility of obtaining this type of bonus through FIAT deposits, where you can get up to 200% or 300% of your deposit, and, this deposit can go up to 500$ or 1000$.

If we compare these offers with the offers of other casinos, we realize how advantageous it is to play in crypto casinos more than in common online casinos.

Crypto casino no deposit bonus

Nowadays finding an online casino that offers a no deposit bonus is a difficult task. Crypto casinos offer bonuses like no other online casino in Canada, however, these crypto casinos invest so much money and risk in offering excellent deposit bonuses that finding  a crypto casino that offers a no deposit bonus is quite a difficult task.

The best way to get no deposit offers at a crypto casino is through special codes that traffic sources get to offer as an incentive to try a casino through their platforms. What do we mean by this? Big platforms offer exclusive bonuses to their audience, if a platform wants to send players to a specific casino, they can ask the crypto casino for a special code and a special offer that players can use to try the online casino. Crypto casinos are open to do this on big platforms.

New Online Casino Canada is looking for no deposit offers 24/7. Our team tests and filters the available options and lists them on our website. If you want to see the list with all the casinos in Canada that offer this type of bonus, we recommend that you visit the section of no deposit bonuses in Canada.

Crypto casino free spins

Crypto casinos also offer their users the chance to get free spins. The best-known crypto casinos do not usually offer free spins in the welcome bonus, however, crypto casinos offer the user the possibility of increasing the level as a player within their platform, and in this way be rewarded with free spins and other prizes.

Offering free spins as a prize for playing within the crypto casino has become a very common tactic by these online casinos, in order to make the user play more and thus increase their level as a bettor within the casino and at the same time be rewarded for getting these level increases.

In order to show you what we mean by this, we will use (popular crypto casino) as an example:


As you can see at the top, crypto casino players get a level increase according to the time they spend playing in the casino and their quality as a player. The higher the amount wagered, the higher the level increases.


As you can see, a crypto casino offers treasures or gifts according to the level of player you are. Every time you level up as a player within their platform, they will reward you with free spins.

Let’s remember that this example refers to, however, our team at New Online Casino Canada knows from experience that this is a very common tactic that crypto casinos have to hook their users and convert them into frequent players inside their platform.

If you want to have a broader view on casinos with free spins, we recommend that you visit the casinos with free spins section by clicking here. In this section you can also find the complete list of casinos that offer free spins in Canada.

How do we evaluate a crypto casino?

We examine crypto casinos in different areas. These crypto casinos go through a rigorous and systematic selection process. Among the main areas of selection that we have are: Security, accepted cryptocurrencies, deposit bonuses, user customer support, transactions speed, community and range of games.

For each crypto casino we create an account, make a deposit, play and surf through the platform, and also withdraw money to our wallet. This is how our team evaluates each of the crypto casinos we list on our website.

Security, Licensing and Regulation in a crypto casino

Security, licensing and regulations is one of the most important areas to focus on when choosing a crypto casino. This area should be checked not only for a crypto casino but for any online gaming and betting platform.

We make sure that any crypto casino site runs on SSL 128-bit or 256-bit encryption. We also make sure that transactions made inside the website are fast and follow a secure and trustable process, such as the two-step verification process.

For Canadian players we make sure to list crypto casinos that are regulated and licensed by at least one of the most popular and trusted licenses out there. These include MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), UKGC (UK Gambling Commission), Spelinspektionen (Swedish Gambling Authority), Curacao eGaming, and the most recent license for Ontario Players, the AGCO license.

To learn more about gaming licenses in Canada, we recommend the following links:

Crypto casino bonus offers

Casino bonuses offer users an opportunity to play with larger amounts of money and increase their chances of winning larger sums of money. All of these offers come with terms and conditions that are important to know when activating a bonus at the casino.

Crypto casinos bonus offers are usually very good, and these usually double or triple the amount deposited by the player. Our selection process counts the percentage that the casino increases when a deposit is made, it also counts the minimum deposit, the maximum bet, the wagering requirements and the terms and conditions attached to the bonus that you want to activate. These terms and conditions must favor the user to be listed on our website.

If you want to know more about the bonuses offered by a crypto casino, we recommend you take a look at the section on Crypto casino’s offers and bonuses. If you want to know more about the process of selecting online casino offers, we recommend you visit How do we choose online casino – Casino bonuses.

Cryptocurrencies accepted in a crypto casino

The main objective of a crypto casino is to offer its players the possibility to deposit, play and withdraw through cryptocurrencies. Currently there are thousands of cryptocurrencies in the crypto world, however, several stand out among them due to factors such as popularity, security, transaction speed, trust and life time.

The cryptocurrencies that our team takes the most into consideration when choosing a crypto casino are:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • BitcoinCash
  • XRP
  • Tron
  • Eos

For more information regarding depositing, playing and withdrawing we recommend you take a look at the top of this page, in the section how to deposit and play at a crypto casino.

Other aspects to have in consideration when choosing a crypto casino

There are many aspects and areas that we must take into account when choosing a crypto casino. We have explained these aspects previously and on several occasions on the website. If you want to know more about our selection process, we recommend you visit how we choose online casinos at New Online Casino Canada.


Gambling problems?

Please visit gambling addiction help section or contact us to


Frequently Asked Questions about crypto casinos:

How long does it take to make a deposit at a crypto casino?

Deposits may vary from casino to casino. However, a first deposit usually ranges from 15 minutes to 45 minutes from the start of the transaction. In rare cases it could take hours. Please note that this time improves for deposits made after the first, even becoming instant.

How long does it take to make a withdrawal at a crypto casino?

Withdrawals made in cryptocurrencies through a crypto casino are usually instant, however, this will depend on the cryptocurrency with which we are making the deposit. Each cryptocurrency has a specific transaction time, so it is important to find out about this before making any withdrawal.

Do I have to pay a fee to deposit or withdraw at a crypto casino?

Each crypto casino charges a small amount of money for each cryptocurrency transaction made within its platform, this fee tends to be very low. However, each cryptocurrency has a different cost per transaction, which is why it is good to find out about the transaction costs in the cryptocurrency you are using before depositing or withdrawing.

How safe is it to play at a crypto casino?

These casinos tend to follow the highest security standards. It also has licenses issued by popular and international regulators. It is important to always check that this is true. For more information on this topic, click here.

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