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List of the best online casinos in Canada where to play table games! Here you will find Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and much more!

One of the most popular game genres has always been casino table games, which are a traditional standard of online casinos. Table games mean casino and live casino games that are played on a table, either with a real dealer or with a machine. The most common table games are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and craps. Although some of these games are card games, and many dice games are also classified as table games. Sometimes table games are defined as games that only work with a live dealer, but nowadays the same games can be played so genuinely already against the machine that the term is vague. However, if the player wants to play with a live dealer, he can always head to the live side of the online casino, where he will receive a real dealer. The games run in the casino’s studio, where the real dealer deals cards as the player sees them via live streaming.

The most popular board games


Almost everyone has tried Roulette and it is the overwhelming favorite of many. It may come as a surprise to many how many variations of this traditional board game there are. There are several different variations of the game, with the same simple basic idea working in the background, but the different betting possibilities, themes and small differences are guaranteed to keep the players interested. Roulette is a perennial favorite and will not lose its place at the top of table games.

European roulette is the version of the game whose rules we generally know, because it is played mostly in Finnish casinos. There is one zero in the game, players place their bet on the option of their choice, the roulette wheel starts and stops on one of the numbers.

American roulette is almost the same game as European roulette, but the wheel has two zeros instead of one. This therefore increases the house advantage significantly, so the game is not as popular as its traditional European cousin.

French roulette uses the same wheel as the European version, but there are a few exceptions to its rules. In French roulette, the En Prison rule imprisons a player in a round where you bet a 1:1 position (such as the color black), and the result of the round is zero. If the result of the next game round is the player’s previous choice, the bet is returned. A more typical rule in online casinos is La Partage, where in the situation described above, the player automatically gets half of his stake back. French roulette therefore reduces the house edge even further.



Blackjack is another table game that almost everyone is familiar with, as it is often found in bars as well. In blackjack, the player’s strategy matters, so it’s not all about luck. With a good strategy, you can win big in blackjack. In blackjack, you play against the dealer alongside other players. The goal is to get a hand as close to 21 as possible, but going over this means losing. The player is dealt two cards, after which he can decide to settle for his cards, i.e. stay, take an additional card or double. The best possible hand in blackjack, which consists of one ace and a 10-point card.

Face up blackjack is a variation of Blackjack where both of the dealer’s cards are dealt face up on the table. So instead of one card, the player gets the freedom to make his decision knowing the dealer’s entire hand. Some of the rules vary from casino to casino, so familiarize yourself with them before playing.



Baccarat is one of the most traditional table games. It is a fairly simple, but extremely exciting game. The rules in Baccarat are really easy. The game is always won either by the player or the bank, The third option is a draw. However, “player” or “bank” does not mean the player’s or the dealer’s hand, because two hands are dealt in the game, and the player estimates which one wins. Baccarat card values are defined as follows; face cards and the ten card are worth 0. The ace is worth 1. In Baccarat, two hands are dealt, each with two cards. If the total of the hand is, for example, 13, then the hand is then 3, if the total is 17, then the value of the hand is 7. The game works in such a way that the players at the table place a bet for one of the two hands or a tie.


Return percentage of table games

Return percentage, or RTP (Return to player), means the percentage of bets that the game theoretically returns in the long term. Table games are known to have higher return percentages than the 95% of slot games, at best more than 99%. In table games, the player’s skill and the right strategy choices matter, and with the best possible strategy when playing Blackjack or Baccarat, the house is left with a very small advantage. In Finland, the house edge has been brazenly raised, because the player loses his bet in a tie situation, unless both the dealer and the player have 21 points. However, when playing at online live casinos, you will find tables without this conversion.

Instead of these games, roulette is completely dependent on luck, and the return percentage of roulette does not usually rise above 98. You can get the best return percentage by playing French roulette, which has a higher RTP than American and European roulette. However, in the world of casinos, even this return rate is very high. It’s worth keeping in mind that return percentages vary to some extent from one game manufacturer to another, so when playing at online casinos, it’s a good idea to check the return percentage of the game in question before starting to play.

How to play table games?

Table games are popular in Canadian casinos online, and especially players who get bored with slot games, that they can’t have a terrible influence on the game themselves, usually like table games and the live casino even more. Table games can be played at all online casinos, so it is very easy to start playing, in a new canada online casino you might find less games but normally you will find the most popular ones. If you want to try table games as quickly as possible, try a live  online casino where you can get to the table in less than a unit of time.

PD: If you prefer to play table games we recommend the new casino mobile section! We assure you will find the right option for you! 

Before jumping to the game table, you should make sure that you understand the rules of the game and the basic strategy. By familiarizing yourself with the game and its rules, you guarantee yourself a pleasant gaming experience and the opportunity to grab big wins!

Board games summary

Table games are legendary casino games whose popularity has never waned. The games familiar to many from bond movies or the real big casinos in Las Vegas are now easily available online, so you can experience the casino experience directly from your home sofa. You can find the most different themes on the live casino side, and the best thing is that the live dealers are also in Finnish. Winning in the best table games is mainly based on luck. However, your own decisions have a lot of meaning in the course of the game. For example, in blackjack, you decide when you “stay” or take more cards. Sometimes falling too far from the target total of 21 can lead to losing the hand, and sometimes taking a new card leads to going over.


Frequently asked Questions about table games


What are Live casino games?

Classic table games are also available in live versions in casinos today. At the live casino, you are served by a real dealer that you can see via live streaming. This way, you get the best possible atmosphere and casino experience.

Which table games have the best return rates?

Table games normally offer the best returns in the entire casino. The best RTP is offered by blackjack, where the bet is returned to the player up to 99.59% when played with an optimal strategy. Remember that this requires following a perfectly correct strategy.

How can I play table games?

Starting to play at an online casino is simple. Go to the casino you want from our lists, and you can register. After that, navigate to the “table games” or “live casino” section and choose the game you want to play!


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