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Cashback casinos are online casinos that offer the player the opportunity to claim a percentage of the losses generated during a day, a week or a month. The refund percentage varies according to each casino! But the refund can be 10%, 20%, 25% or even 30%! The cashback bonus is the best way to reduce losses and increase your chances of winning!

Cashback casino

Cashback casinos have become much more popular, especially in recent years, as players have become much more selective about which casino they play at and what games they play. Cashback bonuses are popular for a reason, these cashbacks are distributed without a wagering requirement, they are automatically paid into the player’s game account, cashback bonuses are usually ongoing offers. Cashback bonuses are founded very often in new online casinos in Canada.

Cashback online casinos are designed to be as user friendly and simple as possible for their users. Cashback bonuses do not require any special action from the player, after registering for the promotion you can play without the need to go through a bonus activation process and start enjoying the cashback benefits you have achieved. The best part is that the refund often accumulates throughout the week or sometimes even what you accumulated during the day.

casino cashback bonus


Cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses are paid out as a percentage, calculated on the player’s net losses. The general policy is a weekly refund, where a predetermined portion of a player’s losses is credited to the player’s account, for example every Sunday.

The refund can be paid to the player as real money without a wagering requirement or as bonus money that includes a wagering requirement. The first of these options is more profitable and widely available at the best cashback casinos. Cashback with no wagering required can be withdrawn immediately if you wish, and there are no casino bonus conditions or other restrictions on its use. 

Cashback as part of a bonus may be subject to wagering terms and conditions and cannot be withdrawn immediately.

Cashback bonus types

The different cashback bonuses are available in many ways. Cashback bonuses can be divided into four different groups:

Slot cashback: In most cases, the refund is specific to slot games. In this case, only funds spent on slot games will count towards the refund.

Cashback for table games: As with slot games, a player can play various table games such as roulette or blackjack to accumulate a payout. After playing a certain percentage of the money in table games, a percentage is returned to the player.

Livecasino cashback: As with slot games, the live casino side often has its own cashback bonuses available. So if you are a live casino player, you can also benefit from cashback bonuses.

Other types of cashback bonuses; Cashback for poker and sports betting is different from the normal cashback bonuses. In poker, the term rakeback is used and the cashback is calculated from the player’s entry fee. This is subject to specific terms and conditions, which the poker player must read on the casino websites. As a general rule, of course, the best percentages go to those who play the most and at the biggest tables. 

On the betting side, the offers are usually risk-free bets or free bets, which means that if you lose your bet, you will get the amount back in your gaming account balance.

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No account casino cashback

Cashback offers are also available at no account casinos even more than at traditional online casinos in Canada. Just like with a traditional online casino, cashback bonuses in no account casinos are normally paid into the player’s gaming account.

No account casinos are becoming popular sites in the casino industry as more players are looking for simple ways to start playing fast and less authentication procedures. Cashback bonuses are often offered at these online casinos, making the sites a great option for the player who wants to avoid time-consuming registration processes.

You can redeem your cashback bonus by signing up at an online casino, so you don’t need to make a deposit to redeem your cashback. Cashback offers are common at no account casinos, as they usually don’t come with annoying terms and conditions and wagering requirements like with other types of bonuses. If you are looking for good cashback bonuses and play games fast with less hassle, cashback casinos are a great option.

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Casino cashback bonus terms and conditions

As with regular offers, cashback offers come with different terms and conditions. These terms affect the accrual of the rebate, as well as what you can do with the cashback you receive. 

Cashback offers differ from other traditional casinos in a positive way because they are clearly simpler and easier to understand. However, its terms and conditions must be followed in exactly the same way as other bonuses.

In a casino with cashback, the cashback is usually paid out as free money, but in some online casinos it is added to the player’s bonus pool, in which case the cashback is subject to the bonus terms and conditions. Therefore, you should always read the terms and conditions of cashback bonuses carefully to avoid surprises.

Many cashback casinos use a payout interval that is usually one week. Therefore, the cashback bonuses will be credited to the player’s account on a specific day of the week, thus the player will receive a cashback one week late.

The terms attached to a cashback bonus vary depending on the rules of each online casino.

You can often find terms and conditions at cashback casinos as follows:

  • Games that accumulate cashback. Often only losses on slot games are counted towards the payout, or playing certain slot games does not accrue a payout due to game features.
  • Any cash back redemption claim, most refunds are paid for free, but certain casinos may require a redemption requirement for the refund.
  • The period of the return, that is, the period from which the return is paid. The terms and conditions also specify a specific time at which the refund will be paid to the player’s game account.
  • Maximum and minimum amount of reimbursement. The maximum and minimum amounts are not limited to all casinos, but certain casinos have set a maximum and minimum amount for withdrawals. If you do not meet the minimum amount or exceed the maximum amount at that casino, you will not receive a refund or the maximum amount specified in the terms and conditions of the offer.

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Redeem the cashback bonus

Redeem cash back is simple and usually requires no action. The refund will be automatically credited to the player’s gaming account at the agreed time. You can find out the terms and conditions of the cashback offer on which day of the week and at what time the cashback will be added to the funds, so the player just has to wait for the cashback to arrive in the game account.

At some online casinos, the cashback bonus may need to be redeemed separately, but this process is quick and takes just a few clicks. Before you play, make sure you sign up for the cashback offer via the promotion or bonus page. See the terms and conditions of the promotion to see when the cashback will be paid and if you qualify for it. On the day of the cashback, redeem it, often from the “bonuses” section of your game account or from the cashback campaign page.

Cashback bonuses are often not attached to wagering requirements, meaning they can be withdrawn directly to a bank account if you wish, but if the cashback is paid out as bonus money, you’ll need to meet your wagering requirement first.


New Online Casino Canada | Casino cashback bonus

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