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Casino bonuses in Canada offer the Canadian player the opportunity to claim prizes and gain advantages when playing online casinos. Casino bonuses offer free money, free spins, prizes, tournaments, cash back and much more. For a player, bonuses are one of the main reasons when choosing an online casino, if these bonuses go in favor with the player, they will not hesitate to claim it.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is a bonus that you receive from the casino when you sign up, deposit or play on their platform. A casino bonus offers the player an advantage so that he can increase the chances of winning a prize, however, these are tied to terms and conditions that must be taken into account before claiming any prize obtained with a bonus.

Casino bonuses usually increase the deposit made from 100% to 200%, they also usually offer free spins on slots or money to play on any of their games.

Casino bonus Canada

Canada casino bonuses are very popular. Canada is known as one of the countries with the highest number of casino players in the world. Canadian players greatly appreciate a good online casino bonus.

Casino bonus Canada offers the player very good balance increase percentages, free spins, monthly, weekly and daily cashback, excellent welcome offers, incredible prizes and tournaments. Casino bonuses that we can find in Canada are usually very good due the high competition that exists between online casinos inside the country.

Casino bonuses are the main way that online casinos have to attract new players. In Canada casino bonuses vary between 100% and 200%, and where these bonuses tend to offer up to a maximum deposit of $1000 CAD.

Casino bonuses in Canada can be offered as a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, cashback, reload bonus, VIP bonuses, free spins bonus, among others.


How do casino bonuses work?

Casino bonuses offer players an advantage. Bonuses are usually claimed on the online casino platform and these are usually subject to terms and conditions.

When we sign up to an online casino, they tend to offer us bonuses to claim. The bonuses can be accepted, declined or claimed later.

Casino bonuses work after being claimed, they can increase a player’s initial deposit, offer free spins, cash back, VIP passes and tournament entry. Once you claim the bonus, it will be bound by terms and conditions that must be followed in order to claim any winnings generated from the bonus. These terms and conditions are known as wagering requirements and they define the amount that we must play in terms of money in order to withdraw any winnings.

Casino bonuses are usually under certain conditions:


Wagering Requirements

Although from time to time we can find various bonuses without requirements, in practice normal casino bonuses always include a wagering requirement. Recycling, in its simplicity, means investing a certain amount of money in games.

A typical casino bonus is a 100% first deposit bonus. For example, the player deposits €100 and receives a total of €200 in play money. It is usually played first with real money, but if the real balance runs out and the bonus is activated, the recycling begins.

The recycling requirement at this time is usually at the 40x level. If it is 40x, in the case of the example, you must wager $40 × $100, that is $4,000 in games, before you can withdraw the amount. With a $2 slot bet, this requires 2,000 spins.


Max bet

The typical limit is a total bet of 5$, and sometimes an additional percentage, such as 10% of the bonus money. In that case, for example, the 20$ bonus when you recycle the maximum bet is 2$. The bet per line on slot games can be capped separately, often at 0.50$. The maximum bet also applies to the doubling feature and bonus purchases based on total price.


Game-specific recycling percentages

Typically slot games recycle 100%, table games and live casino less, 20% or not at all. Video poker also tends to have a lower percentage. Games with the highest payout percentages are often excluded from per-game recycling.


Prohibited games

Most casinos have a list of games that cannot be played while the casino bonus is active. Sometimes the games are not playable or recyclable, sometimes this depends on the player. Playing a game that is banned will at worst void the entire bonus. Progressive jackpots, among other things, can often only be played for real money.


Collectible games

Collectible games are the name given to slot games where different levels or additional features are accumulated with the game and increase the possibility of big wins. As an example, Big Time Gaming’s game Lil’ Devil collects hearts. Cashing them out with bonus money is generally prohibited. In-game purchases, such as handing out features for certain games, are also prohibited.


Country Restriction

Basically, the casino bonuses that are advertised in CAD are intended for customers who live in Canada. In other words, the casino bonus offers on our 2022 list can be used as long as your official address is in Canada. However, for example, players who live in the USA or Europe are subject to different regulations, that is, if you live abroad, check the conditions on that too.


Other terms and conditions for online casino bonuses

In addition to the requirements already mentioned, there are always various restrictions and conditions attached to bonus money, even at reputable online casinos. This is often called a fine print, which can be found in the casino instructions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. We try to mention at least the main points in casino reviews, but you should always check at least the terms and conditions of the casino. They are also subject to change without notice.


It is worth reviewing the casino bonus terms and conditions, here is an example from Wildz Casino.


Where do I find the bonuses offered by an online casino?

Finding the bonuses offered by an online casino is very simple. Within the main page of the online casino you will find the section of promotions or offers. If you do not find this section you can perform a search in the menu of the page.


Remember that many casinos divide bonuses into sections. You will find sports betting bonuses, live game bonuses, casino bonuses, among others. Always check that you are in the correct section to avoid confusion when claiming the bonus.


Types of casino bonuses

There are very different types of online casino bonuses and there is a lot of variation in the terms and conditions that come with them. Therefore, it is important to read the casino bonus terms and conditions before making your first deposit to avoid misunderstandings.

Casino bonuses tend to look a lot alike from one casino to another, however the terms and conditions attached to them will make a huge difference when it comes to using them. Each type of casino bonus offers different advantages that can be fully exploited by the player. It is important that you understand each of them and choose the one that suits you the best.


Casino welcome bonus

Casino welcome bonus offers the user the opportunity to claim an additional advantage when they start playing at a new casino. Welcome bonuses offer different benefits to the player, these range from increasing the player’s initial deposit to the opportunity to get a number of free spins after the deposit is made.

The most common welcome bonuses offer the user 100% of the initial deposit, which means increasing the deposit made up to double of its value. There are casinos that offer 150%, 200%, 300% and even 500% of the value deposited to play.

Casino welcome bonuses offer a huge advantage when playing, however it is always important to be clear about the terms and conditions attached to it. Always check that the terms and conditions benefit you as a player.

Non-sticky bonus

Non-sticky bonus is perhaps the most popular and common bonus practice in recent years. This means that the bonus money can be waived if you wish.

In practice, if a player deposits $20 and gets 100%, the player account has a total balance of $40. Real money is used first. If a player wins with it and wants to withdraw money, the bonus can be erased from the player account. Therefore, the $20 received will be removed from the balance and the rest will be real cash.

If, on the other hand, the real money runs out, the bonus can be activated and therefore used. This gives the player a second chance to win. Please note that when playing with active bonus money, the terms and conditions must be followed.


No deposit bonus

With a no deposit bonus a player does not have to deposit their own money at the casino to get a benefit. These are sometimes tempting for new players, but usually for small sums.

Online casinos use the no deposit bonus from time to time to reward good and loyal customers, especially in connection with the VIP program. These offers generally have their own terms and conditions, apart from the regular deposit bonus. For example, the total amount of winnings may be limited.

No deposit bonuses can offer the user free play money, free spins, sweepstakes entry, tournament entry and much more!


Reload bonus

Often the higher percentage offers are limited to the first deposit and only for new customers. For example, all the benefits of the best casino bonus list on this page are disposable.

However, casinos are also looking to activate former customers, especially if their gaming account balance has reached zero. Then we talk about a bonus for an additional deposit, that is, reload bonus.

Again, these practices vary from casino to casino. Some sites may offer a standard bonus for all customers who deposit, for example on a specific day of the week or once a month. However, the additional bonus can also be addressed in person, in which case the information often comes via text message or email.


Are casino bonuses a scam?

When you read the wagering requirements and the long list of different terms, you might think that online casino bonuses are just a scam and cannot be earned.

However, this is not the case, but it is worth understanding that casinos do not share free money for their good goodness. Veteran players will remember that before, the conditions used to be less strict. Naturally, players took advantage of this effectively and the casinos were hit hard. Therefore, the general level of wagering requirements for 2022 casino bonuses is higher than in previous years.

By using the bonuses diligently, it is still possible to improve the payout ratio of the game. However, it requires joining several different casinos and actively following the best offers. The recycling bonus is hard to beat, but you can run over it from time to time.


Frequently Asked Questions about casino bonuses:

How do I get the best casino bonuses?

Check out the new online casinos of 2022 and also the updated bonus offers from the old ones. Join as many casinos as possible and take advantage of deposit bonuses for new customers. Also follow the casino posts, even old customers are often activated through bonuses.

Can I really win using casino bonuses?

Yes, but please note that deposit bonuses always involve different terms. The casino bonus is real money only when the wagering requirements are met according to the rules. The rules must always be strictly followed or the bonuses may be nullified. It is important to choose wisely the bonus to use, this greatly affects the chance of winning.

What are non-sticky bonuses?

Non Sticky means that the casino bonus can be withdrawn from your account for free, even if the bonus is ongoing. After that, the remaining balance in the account can be withdrawn. This is a nice feature in situations where you get a big win when playing for real money before recycling.

What is the best bonus I can use to win?

This is up to you as a player, however, the best casino bonuses are those where you can at least double the deposit made, where you can get free benefits, where you can get money back and also the bonuses that have a low wagering requirement. Currently 35x and below is excellent.

What is the wagering requirement and what does it have to do with a bonus?

The wagering requirement is a condition that is attached to a casino bonus. The wagering requirement establishes a sum of money that must be played before any withdrawal can be made with the winnings obtained through the use of the bonus. For more information regarding wagering requirements please click here.

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