Bonus buy slots

Bonus buys are the direct gateway to the bonus game. With this feature you can immediately switch to the bonus game and start enjoying the most exciting part of online slots games! Check out the list of casinos with the best bonus buy slots games available in Canada!

Many, especially older players, can get bored playing their favorite games when a bad lucky game doesn’t seem to get any bonuses in any game. The feel counts when the game has already been spinning for a while, but has not been able to try out the bonus features of the game. Gaming providers are aware of this and have created new ones alongside traditional games, as well as parallel versions of the classics that allow you to buy a bonus for a certain amount. The purchase bonus, known as the bonus buy feature, virtually means that the player can switch to the game bonus immediately if they wish. Many players will thus have direct access to the more exciting part of the game, ie casino free spins or other bonus rounds to try their luck.

The popularity of buy-in bonus games is constantly growing, new online casinos are investing in providers with these types of features and games that support the Bonus Buy feature have received the hottest additions to their ranks at a rapid pace. Especially those with higher stakes often do not have to spin the slot for several dozen spins in hopes of a bonus, but prefer to use the buy-in bonus to activate the feature. This allows players to try their luck in the hope of a jackpot light fast. Especially in games with very high volatility, this is a very favorable option both to save time and to improve the entertainment of the game.

Thus, games with a buy-in bonus already greatly enhance the multi-player gaming experience, and the industry has only just begun in terms of various variations. Nowadays, you will find different levels of buy-in bonuses, several different bonuses in games, and everything exciting and worth trying out among the new buy-in bonus games. No wonder the popularity of these games has exploded among players.

Bonus buy games simply

A buy-in bonus, or the purchase of a bonus, simply means that the player has the opportunity to start the bonus action immediately by paying the amount specified for the purchase of the bonus. This amount is often in the order of 50x to 100x the player’s bet, depending on the volatility of the game. For games with the highest volatility, the buy-in bonus is the most expensive, due to their shocking potential. The Bonus Buy feature is known by various designations which most often come across terms such as;

  • Bonus Buy
  • Feature Drop
  • Feature Buy
  • Bonus purchase

However, the same thing is always used in different terms, so just check the rules of the game to see how the bonus feature you buy for that game actually works.

Games that support this feature, that is, go directly to the bonus game with a purchase, otherwise work in exactly the same way as all regular slot games. The bonus purchase feature is actually the only difference you’ll find in the game, and if you ignore using it, you’re just playing a regular slot game. The buy-in bonus itself does not affect the return to player percentage of the game, for example, but often the buy-in bonus is offered at a slightly higher return rate than usual. This is the case if the player wants to use the function himself. Most of the massive selection of slots works in the traditional way, with no option to purchase a bonus. However, buy-in bonus games are a hot trend, and more and more online casino game providers are creating games with just this option.

The most common price with a buy-in bonus is 100x the selected bet. For example, with a dollar contribution, the purchase bonus would thus be worth $ 100 CAD. So the buy bonus is not for the player who only has a lot of money left in his balance. Buying or activating a buy-in bonus has been made really easy for players.

You start by selecting a game that offers a buy-in bonus option. You don’t need any regular spins at all, you can choose the Buy Bonus directly and pay the specified price for activating it. The bonus game starts and you can get excited about its outcome!

It should also be mentioned that the buy-in bonus usually has a higher or better return rate than the normal value of the game, so using this feature will give you an even more advantage over the casino. You get to maximize your chances of a big win!

The price of the bonus game is always game and game provider specific and varies considerably. However, almost always the payouts for buy-in bonus games are 50-100 times the stakes. More and more games also offer a choice between different bonus options, with the highest volatility option often being the most expensive and the safer, more secure paying option the cheapest.

You can find buy-in bonus games at almost all the best casinos in their category. So navigate yourself to “Buy Bonus” in the game selection, and choose your favorite from the selection of amazing games!

Best Buy Bonus Slot Games

There is a huge number of purchase bonus games on the market today as game providers have added the feature to both new slot games and upgraded versions of old games. However, a few games have risen to great popularity among players.


White Rabbit 97.72%

white rabbit

Joker Strike 98.11%

joker strike

Dead or Alive 2, 96.8%

dead or alive 2

Money Train 2, 98%

money train 2

Legacy Of Ra Megaways, 97.01%

legacy of ra

Hammer of Vulcan, 96%

hammer of vulcan

Vikings Unleashed Megaways, 96.5%

vikings unleashed megaways

Medusa Megaways, 96.28%

medusa megaways

Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways 96.45%

diamond mine extra gold megaways


Bonus prices and free spins, as well as game features, vary widely between different games. There are other ways in which slot games can be redeemed for themselves. Some games use their own coins, which are collected simply by playing the game. Often, these coins or Tokens either accumulate up to a certain point in a player’s portfolio and can eventually be used to redeem the bonus. Sometimes, on the other hand, they drop the price of the purchase bonus, allowing you to buy the bonus for a smaller amount.

Sometimes players are given the option to purchase a bonus in the middle of the game, in which case the player can activate the bonus feature of the game by clicking on the Buy Bonus menu. The player will be notified of the price of the purchase bonus and can choose whether to activate the bonus at its new price in this situation.

The buy-in bonus is not a cheap way to play as they often take up to 100x the normal bet on a single purchase. It is also possible to get acquainted with the buy bonus function using play money, which is more than profitable. In this way, the player gets to know the game and its operation and can decide if it is exactly what he is looking for. At the same time, the player gets a good overview of whether the volatility of the game and the relationship between winnings is appropriate for his style of play.

The magnitude of the popularity of buy-in bonuses comes precisely from the opportunity they provide for big profits. Bonus features are always the highest paying rounds, and playing like this gives the player a chance to grab their jackpot winnings!

Frequently asked Questions about bonus buy slots feature

What are purchase bonuses?

A buy-in bonus is an option found in slot games to buy a game bonus. With this feature, it is possible to access the bonus section of the game directly, without any extra rounds. This feature may become necessary, for example, in high-volatility games where access to the bonus game is significantly more difficult than usual.

How much does the purchase bonus cost?

In buy-in bonus games, the bonus buy price is usually a bet of 50-100x players. A player with a one-dollar round bet will pay 100x for activating the buy-in bonus at a price of 100x. Prices vary by game manufacturer, and games often have different priced options to choose from.

Is it worth taking advantage of purchase bonuses?

This too is pretty player specific. If you especially like the excitement of the bonus sections, the buy-in bonus games are just the right game for you. However, the end result of the buy-in bonus game is just as lucky as the basic game, so if you can afford to buy just one bonus game, you can lose a lot faster. We therefore recommend playing bonus games according to your balance.

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